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     Welcome to my web site at or I would like
it if you would sign my guestbook
or email me.

     Use the site map above to
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     I can often be found in the
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My user name is kimba648.

     In case you are interested, here
is a little bit about me:


     You have to be happy with who
you are. I wasn't always popular in
school or with boys, but I aways liked
who I was. Anyway I find myself each
day becoming more and more of a
role model, and it's really flattering.

     It's the best feeling in the world
when I'm singing, and my friends are
singing the words with me. Skirts that
hit below the knee dont flatter me, but
I like miniskirts. They make me feel

     The things I'd wear to New York,
I'd never wear at home...people
would look at me and think I was crazy.
In New York, however, if you walk down
the street with purple hair, it doesn't

     I still have a lot to learn - about
music and about myself. It's exciting
because there is so much I want to do
in my life. I've got my whole life ahead
of me, and I think if I put my mind to it
I can do anything.


     What do I look for in a guy? Someone
who has alot of confidence and is happy
with who he is; somebody who can make
me laugh; someone who's my best
friend; and someone whom I can talk to
about anything. Trust and honesty -
those are the two most important things
in "love" I'm usually attracted to - the nice